HI my name is Stacy and I currently weight 220! I have been blessed to start the Local Contest of The Biggest Looser. Our start night is Jan. 18th. This is going to be my journal. My thoughts and struggles with this 12 week program! Please feel free to become a follower and post any comments or questions you may have. Thank you for your support!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1 week to go!

Our kick off meeting is the 18th so I have just under a week before I start. I am getting really antsy! I have so many ideas but I just want to wait......

I have been off of pop for little over a week now! Boy was that hard to stop! I was talking to the doctor about it and the headaches. He said it just goes to show how dependant my body was on it. I switched to coffee in the morning to help with the headaches. And they are pretty much gone now. Oh and I love sweet tea. Which I will have to stop once I start this 12 week program.... So I have been searching for other things my pallet will like. I hate water! But I found Crystal Light strawberry. Then my brother found some Green Tea. Peach Mango Pineapple Green Tea is awesome! Made by Good Earth. Not to bad.

I started drinking a cup at night of Peach Detox Tea. Help to clean out the chemicals in my body. That way it will jump start my weight loss!

That's it for now. Will be in touch soon! Thanks for reading!

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